My post is designed for beginners in the bounty because they mostly have a lot of questions and doubts about participation (don’t participation) in the bounty. Himself originally came into the crypto only in December of 2017 and flipping through the forum, seeing an unfamiliar word BOUNTY — decided to escape from him quickly and mentally decided for himself never to return to him.

I had porridge in my head, but I got into trading. Yes — as a real hamster I carried my money, “selected” from the family money. Naturally, I had no experience, I was lucky that the whole market grew in December, I thought happily that it would be forever — I waited for the accumulated amount with zeros to be taken off and everything will be fine. I tried to trade, I entered dozens of telegrams of news and signals groups and before January 11 considered myself a very successful trader-hamster.

Well, then everything went not according to the scenario, the market gave a drawdown on which I did not count. And did not count that it could be so long. Earnings in trading gave to malfunction, but I firmly decided for myself not to sell in the minus, well, or almost do not sell (hamsters will not die). Since I did not leave free money to myself, in order to average out the positions, I began to wait, read, further delve into the crypto. I remembered about the terrible word BOUNTY, which I saw on the forum.

Nobody could give me a clear answer to the questions:

  • How much can you earn?
  • When to really get your profit
  • How much time this will take, etc.

As in any business, I realized that I would have to go all the way himself. I immersed myself in the bounty. The most difficult was to work out tactics — to allocate time for bounty, to understand what and how to do — I will not describe the whole process, I will just say that I was squeezed out like a lemon. Еveryone will work out a scheme for himself (if will decide). The bottom line is that at first I indiscriminately took everything bounty, made a lot of mistakes, was angry, did not fully understand when, how to submit reports to the forum, how to properly download accounts so that there was no ban. Еhe most important thing — how to secure your personal space and at the same time to give time to the family.

(I note that in addition to the bounty, I have to go to work every day and give time to my wife and 2 wonderful daughters to twins)

At the moment the market is making progress on recovery, from my profit in trading there was nothing left, but I can not stop at the topic of crypto and bounty in particular. I noticed that crypto a person as a drug, want to more and more.

Most importantly — over the past time I have drawn for myself some conclusions on the bounty:

  • to begin with, it is worth spending as much time as possible on the forum. A study, read — ask;
  • the main thing is not to spray in all directions at once while you are a beginner — do not cling to a lot of bounties at once. Only porridge will be in your head and uniquely there will be little sense in this;
  • in the beginning, take only those projects that will not last long (about a month, or even less). You should see as soon as possible faster tokens in your wallet, so as not to lose motivation;
  • be prepared for the fact that you can sell tokens not immediately (even if they are on your wallet). And when you are ready to sell, remember the phrase: “Buy on bad news, sell on good news.” In other words, watch the market — sell on the rise;
  • know yourself to the fact that most projects will turn out to be a scam (either they will throw investors away and run away with money, or they will not collect the necessary amount, will return money to investors, and the bounty members will get nothing);
  • join bounty only after at least a superficial study of the project:
    1. Go to the site, quickly go through it and make a conclusion for yourself — who did this site — a Hindu guy sitting at home or a programmer for whom it is his job. Estimate the severity of the project.
    2. Look who does the project. Who is in the team and in the advisers. Some information about the project can be obtained on rating sites to example But you should not trust such ratings completely — ratings buy. Summarize the information.
    3. Look who the bounty manager. There are a lot of BMs and they all have a different reputation and ways of working. Someone considers the rates every week, someone at the end of the campaign, for example, Sylon, Needmoney. Someone demands to take out reports every week, someone thinks it’s automatic.
    4. Finally learn the terms of the bounty: the amount of money allocated to the bounty (the norm is 2–3 percent of the number of tokens put up for sale). If you are going to participate only in social networks, find out pool twitter and facebook.
    5. Find out when and where to submit reports, it is also important to know whether to insert hashtags when retweets and reposts.
    Otherwise, it will be insulting if you this will not do and will participate in the bounty of the manager which the makes calculations at the end of the campaign. So in any incomprehensible situations try to find out the answer from the bounty manager — it will be better to go to the in the telegram (if it is specified). Do not discuss bounty in a telegram to a group ICO. Also, you can write on the topic bounty, but the answer will have to wait;
  • choose a bounty campaign, which is discussed a lot — in telegram channels, in groups with ICO pools (where people want to invest money), where there is a lot of noise. You can join if you see that the project quickly assembled a soft cap and does not stop there. Note that in a falling market — even good projects may not collect the right and do not pay bounties;
  • Do not forget about accounts on social networks — add followers. Subscribe moderately so you do not get a ban. Subscribe back and do not unsubscribe. Otherwise, you will also be unsubscribed after a while;
  • Create your own spreadsheet in Google spreadsheets and maintain reporting, record bounty conditions and make notes. There are ready-made tables with which it is convenient to work and conduct many campaigns is not difficult, but they are paid for the most part. First, create your own and start small.
  • Develop — all the crypto-currency market does not stand still — you need to manage to adjust to it.

I also would like to stop at the bounty sites. Lately, they have appeared quite a lot. There are good and not very good. I want to stop at the site where I work — Bountihive. There are also pros and cons on this site — we will consider them:


  • quite a serious platform, Colorlessk before creator Bountihive was bounty manager on the bitcointalk forum and established itself as a good manager;
  • do not need to submit reports. You connect your accounts to your account. Makes retweets, reposts of bounty campaigns;
  • there is a referral system;
  • even driving a few bounty campaigns on a Bountihive you will not spend much time;
  • clear boundaries on the timing and conditions of the bounty (no one will change the conditions in the middle of the campaign);
  • after the end of the bounty you will get the earned tokens to the wallet (but the end of the bounty does not always coincide with the end of the ICO);
  • the site Bountihive itself selects a bounty campaign. Less scam;
  • suitable for beginners, any questions can be clarified in the telegram channel.


  • restrictions on the number of participants in social network campaigns (this is also a plus). When the new bounty of the campaign comes out, all the seats are filled very quickly;
  • are very demanding on articles on bounty campaigns and generally, accept it as random. Can accept the article with errors and not large the number of views and vice versa reject the unfolded material with a large number of views;
  • there is no way to track your earned stacks — they promise to fix it in the near future.

Who wants to try their hand at this site here is a link to the registration of Bountihive:
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I hope the information was useful to you, if you have any questions write, I will help than I can.
Thank you for your attention — with you was lesnik_utsa!!!

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